'Tegrity Newsletter/Patriot Call To Action

Has the idea of America failed? Or have the people failed to keep the idea of America alive? 

        We the people have ridden the coattails of the victory of our Founding Fathers to the extent of being blinded to the tyranny that surrounds us. We have done a great injustice to those who gave us this great nation. By allowing lawmakers to bend, fold and break the constitution to their will, we have allowed the Republic to become the very thing it sought to defeat those many years ago. The job of the people is to uphold the integrity of public offices, to keep them in check and to ensure the constitution, our rights, are upheld. We the people have failed: in 1986, through FOPA Congress outlawed automatic firearms; in 2001, it was the Patriot Act which blatantly ignored the 4th amendment. These both completely intruded on the Bill of Rights; rights endowed to us by our Creator were completely bulldozed to serve a government's call for a “greater good”. Where is the revolt? Where is the revolution? These are not American rights, they are Human rights given by God, It once was thought that these rights were self-evident. This government is undermining the very thing that makes us human and we sit back whilst hoping in 4 years we can elect someone different. This is an issue no election or 1 person can fix, we must be the solution not an addition for the next generation to deal with. We can make this country as the Founding Fathers intended, we just need to find the courage and grace to do so.